Newsletter October 2022

Newsletter October 2022

News from Kisumu 

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News from Kisumu

 Last August 9, the elections took place again in Kenya.  It was (again) an exciting period for the Kenyans. Prior to the elections there are often disturbances in the country but even after the counting of the votes this continues. This year, Kenyan Vice President William Ruto won the election with a narrow victory. Fortunately, peace quickly returned after the Supreme Court confirmed the election results.

During this period, trade is also largely at a standstill. But…. it also has nasty consequences for our projects. For safety reasons the children who need therapy cannot go to the hospital for their therapy sessions. The school holidays start a few days earlier so that children can all go home safely.  The trade of the mothers with a micro credit comes to a standstill again.

In addition to the above, there is also a very worrying economic crisis. Prices are skyrocketing in the Netherlands, unfortunately this is no different in Kenya. We are getting signals that most families can barely afford a good meal a day. Basic products have more than doubled in price. A bag of flour goes from €1 to €2, soap from €1.20 to €3.20, 1 litre of oil to bake from €1.60 to €3.20. Sister Lucy is very happy that she has a lot of fruit and vegetables from her own garden for the children. We see that when children go to stay with family, she also gives a supply for these families. Furthermore, Sister Lucy is worried about the school fees for 2023, for those children who are at a boarding school. It is logical that life becomes much more expensive there as well. From Sister Beatrice, where two of our children from the Therapy Project are in education, we received a mailing intended for all parents and caregivers with the urgent request to please pay the overdue school fees. Earlier we reported that the costs of diapers for the children from the Project therapy is skyrocketing.  For the Kenyans, for the people in our Projects this is very worrying. We, as the board of Amara, are proud that despite the crisis in the Netherlands, many people still think along with us and continue to support  Amara Foundation! Thank you for that.

Sports: Football club URUSI

 Urusi plays friendly matches. Previously, the competition for Urusi players did not take place due to COVID. Now, unfortunately, there is another reason that the competition will not take place. After the national football team of Kenya was banned from world football by FIFA in February of this year due to government interference in the course of a match, the youth football association in Kisumu (KYFA) is now no longer operational. To ensure that the players of Urusi can continue to play matches Urusi organizes friendly matches and during school holidays they organize tournaments. We think it is great that the board of Urusi remains active in this way for the youth in their neighbourhood!

After the election results became final at the beginning of September, there is a new minister of Sports in Kenya in addition to a new president. Ayub, our contact person of Urusi, is therefore hopeful that the football association will be started up again in a good way.

St. Clare Children’s  Home 

From 6 to 13 August there was a short holiday at all schools in Kenya. Because of the elections, this holiday started a few days earlier so that the parents / guardians and children could still travel safely. The second term of this school year ended on September 16. From Sister Lucy we received some beautiful videos and photos that were taken during the closing of term 2. This is a festive day in all schools. In all classes it is announced who was the best in the class for each subject but also with regard to behaviour, perseverance etc. In the end, you also get a “best student” of the class. The position of number 1, 2 and 3 has small prices attached to it.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been to Kenya for quite some time now, but I always experience moments like this with mixed feelings. It is an exciting, cheerful but sometimes also very sad moment for the children. Children who fall back from number 1 to number 4 will hear this for the whole group. It is often the same children who win one or more prizes each term. Despite the fact that the teacher reports that every child has done his or her best very well, there are always some tears shed. Doing your best and never a prize, that is still difficult for adults, let alone for children.

On this day all classes come together and there is singing, dancing, making music and running a fashion show. This is great to experience. Every child can then show his or her talent, which I enjoy. Finally an orange squash and a mandazi (kind of doughnut) that everyone enjoys! Term 3 started on 26 September. We wish all children and the teachers a lot of success and a good time together.

Therapy: MERCY

Mercy is a multiple-handicapped girl with an unforgettable look. We’ve seen you smile and grow. Specific nutrition, medication and the endless loving care of your mother. For years we were allowed to see you and your mother at therapy and at home. Unfortunately, a recurring pneumonia threw this beautiful picture into disarray. The care in the hospital, personal therapy by Samoo and the love of your mother, it was to no avail. You left us at the beginning of August. A part of you lives on in your newborn sister, there is no other way. But certainly you live on in our Amara heart. Rest gently, Mercy.

Klaartje Derks

 As of 1 October, we will continue the Students Project of the defunct Klaartje Derks Foundation. Board members of Klaartje Derks: thank you for your years of dedication. We are going to continue this with a big heart for Kisumu.

Web shop 

Take a look at our web shop! We have new cards and (tea) bowls. 


 Protestant church Uden: 1 November 

We can give a presentation here and display our sales items. We are looking forward to it.

Music in the Langenboom family: 27 November I

In 2019, Amara Foundation was a charity during the beautiful event Music in the Family. Due to Covid this could not take place. Now it is possible again and Amara Foundation can be the proud goal again. Especially for this event, our contact person in Kisumu has developed a card. This will be for sale that day.


 As the board of Amara Foundation, we have not had the opportunity to travel to Kisumu since February 2020. Fortunately, acquaintances of ours have gone to Kenya, so we have been able to provide materials for our projects. Last week we received a thank you letter from our contact person of the Therapy project. He thanks us for the constant help, but also for the materials he has received for the children in the past year. We are very happy to be able to say that also in November an acquaintance of ours will travel to Kisumu and take materials for us.  We and also the people in Kisumu, are more than grateful to Sister Gerda and Menno for contributing to our foundation by bringing products for our projects in Kisumu. Both visited the JOOTRH hospital (project therapy) and the St. Clare Children’s Home (project care).


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