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News from Kisumu

  • Travel report Carmen-Wiljan-Kanye-Kenza
  • Therapy project: donation learning/practice materials


  • Library Mill
  • ZLTO Land van Cuijk Noord
  • “Thanksgiving”
  • Jumble sale Esch
  • ‘Andere Mert’ Rainbow festival

News from the board

  • Agenda
  • Work visit Lisanne and Maaike
  • Heerbeeck goes to Kisumu


Travel report Carmen-Wiljan-Kanye-Kenza

What a wonderful time we had..Finally we were going. I, Wiljan, could go to Kenya again. And what was really special: the four of us could go. We had decided that the children were now old enough 

to join us and find out what what Kenya, Kisumu and mama’s foundation really mean. After we had booked the trip, had been vaccinated and packed the suitcases it was finally July 6th.  

Kenya, here we come. After a smooth journey we arrived in Nairobi. By car we travelled to Kisumu, passing Naivasha, Hell’s Gate and Mount Suswa on the way. We will be in Kisumu for four weeks. 

I could write so much. That is what I did on my Facebook site as a sort of blog. Here I will be more concise. From St. Clare to Hambale, from Urusi to the milkman, from Awasi to hospital Russia. From house visits to Francis and Sharon’s drinks and chips stall. From everyone we have talked to. From all the matches and children of Urusi. From all the things we have been able to do for everyone there. 

Kanye and Kenza have spent the money they had raised well:

  • They have given money to four children, who used to be at St. Clare’s and now attend Hambale secondary school, so they could go on a school trip to Nakuru, which is important for their development. 
  • They have given extra food to a family of six who have 5 extra mouths from St. Clare to feed during the holidays so they can really have a holiday outside school.
  • They have bought sports and games materials for the students at Hambale.

(once Kanye and Kenza saw around 100 children running after 1 ball glued together with paper. When we asked if they didn’t have any materials they answered that there were 1200 students at that school and that ball was all they had. Kanye and Kenza could not believe that and decided to return to the compound that night to buy more materials. We finally bought a number of balls, jumping ropes, hula hoops, a badminton and a volleyball net, badminton sets etc. They were very happy with it! 

  • They also bought new backpacks for children at Hambale so they can take their books and pen cases with them when they go ‘home’.  
  • The last Sunday we went to a community home with all the youth players of Urusi and treated them to a bottle of soft drink and bread. Believe it or not: they really enjoyed it! 

Then it was time to go again. After a wonderful journey by train, a safari and then by car to the coast we could think everything over, spending a few days on the coast. 

Kisumu, we would love to return….  ASANTE SANA, on behalf of Wiljan, Carmen, Kanye and Kenza. 


Therapy project: donation learning/practice materials

During the visit to St Anthony School in Awasi board member Carmen and her family have contributed a lot of learning and practice materials which had been donated in the Netherlands.

Primary School ‘t Stekske’ donated wooden toys, cuddly toys, and puzzle materials. From the Heerbeeck College in Best we received a bucket with clay; various other people who feel sympathetic to Amara donated Duplo, Knex and hand puppets. Kanye and Kenza delivered all these materials and played together with the children. They had a wonderful time together and teachers, children and occupational therapist Felistas have more options now for teaching and practising in a playful way. All materials can nicely be packed in a sturdy suitcase donated by colleague Marij.     


ZLTO ‘Thanksgiving’ “Hart on de riem”. (give someone heart)

On Sunday September 8 ZLTO Land van Cuijk Noord organised ‘Thanksgiving’. More than 200 people attended the event at the ‘Wilbertoord Pakt Uut’ festival. Pastor David Konings opened the celebration with fine words, talking about problems farmers have and the way they deal with them, some talking easily about it, others bottling it up. Helping each other is free without quota. Board member Carmen went home with € 625. The final song, the traditional farmers’ song “Cross and Plow “sounded like a big choir. 


Jumble sale Esch

On Sunday September 8 there was a big car boot sale. Also Lisanne had loaded her car boot to raise money for Amara Foundation. 


Library Mill

Thank you library Mill and everyone that has contributed to our projects during the exhibition.


Heerbeeck College Best

Jesse and Vincent have worked hard for a year to raise money for our projects, resulting in the HIC Award! Congratulations and thank you for your efforts and the fine proceeds for Amara Foundation. 

In February seven fifth years VWO of the Heerbeeck College will set to work in Kisumu. Preparations are in full swing. The students organise various sponsor activities to raise money.


Mini symposium 20 years UWW

The mini symposium to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Uden World Wide on Wednesday June 26 in the Kruisheren Kapel was a big success. Also thanks to everyone’s promotion there was a good turnout, more than 150 visitors. The theme, having to work together, was well worked out by the speakers. As a member Amara Foundation was present that evening.


Andere Mert Rainbow Festival

In the beautiful nature of Geldrop Castle board member Evelien and Peter were present with a stall full of Amara materials. A productive day with good proceeds in spite of the autumn weather. 



October 4th: pub quiz  ’t Spitje in Mierlo on behalf of Amara Foundation

October 10th until November 8th: work visit board member Lisanne

October 27th: music in the church of Langenboom on behalf of Amara Foundation

November 10th: jumble sale Schijndel Landsman Union

February 16th: study trip Heerbeeck College Best with 7 students

November 8th: presentation to confirmands primary school  ‘t Stekske


Work visit Kisumu Lisanne and Maaike

As usual during the past few years I visit projects in Kisumu in October. The trip has been planned from half October to half November, unfortunately with less luggage than previous years due to a change in policy by the KLM. Usually we were allowed to bring two suitcases of 23kg per person but this has been reduced to one suitcase. This means we have to make choices what is really important to take with us to Kenya. 

However…..this time we can take along quite a lot because Maaike will join me these four weeks. Maaike is my brother’s granddaughter and she has been interested in Amara Foundation for years. She wants to get to know the totally different world and culture in Kenya. On the spot we will decide what kind of help/support she can offer. The last week of our stay Maaike’s parents will come and visit Kisumu, of course with luggage for Amara! 

I think it is special that we can show them our projects. Maaike will start an action to raise money for the NHIF cards, a health insurance for the 15 families with multiple handicapped children of the therapy project. We will keep you informed. If there is enough money she also wants to buy a massage table for the boarding school for handicapped children in Awasi. 7 children from the therapy project attend this school. We wish Maaike good luck with her action! We will keep you informed via Facebook and our website. We are looking forward to it: Kwaheri, Maaike, Jacques, Annemiek and Lisanne.      


Heerbeeck goes to Kisumu!

In February 2018 I (Evelien) was standing on a roof terrace in Kisumu enjoying the view of Lake Victoria. It was one of my last evenings before returning home. Apart from being a board member of Amara Foundation I am also a teacher at the Heerbeeck College in Best. On that terrace I thought: it would be great if I could share this with our students. Once back I discussed it right away and was given green light after a year, in April 2019. It made me happy but there was a lot to organise: within two weeks a trip had to be organised and a recruitment letter written. Now, half a year on, the trip is certain. Maud, Kas, Floor, Carmen, Joep, Wouter and Anne are the 7 fifth years VWO to join the pilot trip. They will be accompanied by three people: two from Heerbeeck (mr van den Einden and me) and one from Amara, board member Carmen. We are going to do great things, like.

  • Do projects and take a walk with children of St. Francis primary school in Hambale
  • Teach a PE lesson, paint playground materials, and go to church with the young children of St. Clare Children’s Home
  • Join a training and help cleaning up the Manyatta quarter together with football club Urusi
  • Experience a day of nature, history and art in Kisumu
  • Donate a therapy table and painting the walls of St. Anthony special school for deaf children.
  • And last but not least: spot the Big 5.

We are really looking forward to it. The trip will be in February 2020. You will hear from us by that time. 


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     Thank you for being interested on behalf of the board


Lisanne Henuy-Rooijakkers – Evelien Hommes-Romonesco – Carmen van Bergen –

Maria Vermeer – Martine Plantinga and all the people from Kisumu!


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