Newsletter October 2017

News from Kisumu.

  • St. Clare Children’s home
  • Football club Urusi
  • Therapy Project


  • Past activities
  • Walking dinner Langenboom

News from the board

  • Visit to Kisumu
  • Celebration: 10th anniversary
  • A look at Amara’s wallet

St. Clare Children’s Home

Sister Lucy reported that all was well with the children at St Clare during the past period. Probably 14 children are going to live with relatives as from January 2018, the start of the new school year in Kenya. Sometimes they return home to a single mother or father, but they can also come to live with uncles, aunts or grandmothers and grandfathers, the so-called reintegration project. If necessary relatives can receive financial support for education. This can be in the form of money to start or expand a business to generate more income, paying the school fees to guarantee education or renovating the house. We have told Sister Lucy that we will also support the reintegration project in 2018.

The children that go to relatives have already spent time there during the school holidays and are often excited about going to live with relatives again. We always visit a few children when we are in Kisumu and it is always a pleasure to see that the children feel at home in their new surroundings.

Last year a single mother received a donation via the reintegration project. She started a small shop to generate income in order to take care of her children that have come to live with her again. The school fees have been paid.  However, the project did not work out well, sister Lucy reported: she has sold very little and the other day her supplies were stolen. In consultation with Sister Lucy we will see how and if we can support this mother one more time. Sister Lucy also says that prices are still high: foodstuffs, school materials and clothing are much more expensive than last year.


Football club Urusi

From the moment Urusi started to play in Division 2 League it has been much harder to win matches. During the first part of the competition they won half of the matches and lost the other half. The 2nd part has started and it is even harder. We wish them good luck for the remaining matches! From a friend of Amara’s we received socks, shirts and a few balls. We will take them along to Kisumu.


Therapy project

In the last newsletter you could read that we have said goodbye to therapist Daril. He is content with his new job but misses the children of the project, he says.

Samoo, our occupational therapist, has found a new candidate for the work experience place: Ewan Nyangena Angira, who has graduated as occupational therapist. We wish him good luck. Once a week Ewan will also treat children that are boarders at ‘St. Anthony special school” in Awasi. The last few years 5 children of he therapy project have gone to live there.

Early this year we reported that we were possibly going to work together with the Disciples of Mercy. Four children of the therapy project attend this day school but we have noticed that they get too little therapy: physically they were much worse. For the school it was hard to find a qualified therapist as the school could not afford a salary during the four months of holidays. In consultation with Samoo we have found the following solution: the school will hire a qualified therapist and will pay the costs for 8 months while Amara will pay the remaining 4 months (the holidays). The therapist will work at school in the mornings; in the afternoon he will be at the therapy department of the hospital for 2 hours in order to gain more experience with treating patients. During the four months of holidays (April, August, November and December), when all the children go to therapy he will work in the hospital all day. Felistus, welcome to Amara Foundation. Samoo is very content about this construction and happy with the new candidates.


Past activities.

Walking dinner.

In May Evelien organised a walking dinner in Mierlo. In September Carmen followed in Langenboom. Also there it was a great success with wonderful proceeds: more than € 2000!

We appreciated Carmen’s work with a bunch of flowers. Will the other board members follow?

The four-day walking event Nijmegen.

Paula, Albert, Piet and Lisanne all made it to the finish, raising a wonderful amount: more than € 2700. Piet and Lisanne had a special meeting: miss Kenya had also joined the event. In the evening she told about her experiences on television.

Bottle box.

Jumbo Uden has collected receipts for us, raising € 397.30, the highest amount ever.

Celebration Dutz eyewear

The 12 ½ -year anniversary of Dutz Eyewear was celebrated in a pleasant atmosphere with family, friends and business relations. Roland had asked the guests to make a contribution to Amara Foundation as a present. Altogether the wonderful amount of € 1,835 was raised. Thank you, Roland, Yvonne and guests!

Sponsored run Jeanne d’Árc Tilburg.

Lisanne visited the school a week before the run and told the children about Amara Foundation. The children have done this run for years now and Lisanne was welcomed by one of the children as “Mrs. Amara”. The reactions of the children are always heart-warming: compassionate, communicative but also critical.

Maria visited the school during the run and was handed the result of the run: a total amount of € 1,144.00! Thank you, super kids!   



All sponsors that have donated: THANK YOU!


Celebration: 10th anniversary

The plans are ready, sponsors found, assistance organised. All we need are guests!

To all friends of Amara

This year, 2017, our foundation has existed for 10 years. As we know that you all warmly sympathise with Amara Foundation we want to celebrate this joyful event and invite you to join us at JBC Plop in Uden on November 19 at 13.30 for drinks, snacks and live music. To keep the costs as low as possible you will receive two vouchers on entry. Other drinks will be

at your own expense.

The location is a jeu-de boules club. You are warmly invited to join a small tournament. If you are interested please be present at 13.30.

So once more:

Place: JBC Plop, Boekelsedijk 4, 5404 NK Uden

Time: 13.30 – 17.00

We would like to know if and with how many people you will be coming before November 12th. You can send a mail to or call Maria Vermeer: 0413-260933

We look forward to it. So will you, we hope!

Visit to Kisumu

In October Maria and Lisanne were in Kisumu for 12 days. We had intended to spend a few weeks in Kisumu with the complete board to celebrate our 10th anniversary. It would be very special to visit projects together and celebrate with our people there. For Carmen and Evelien it meant a lot of organising but they managed. Tickets were booked.

Unfortunately, due to political unrest because of the elections Carmen and Lisanne have chosen to go in February 2018. Maria and Lisanne have by now retuned. Of course they went to Kisumu with lots of important materials for the projects.


A look at Amara’s wallet

In this newsletter we will inform you about Project Sport / URUSI.

Urusi is a football club in the poor quarter Manyatta in Kisumu, Kenya, founded in 1988. A few adults in the quarter founded the club to give youngsters something useful to do: a common purpose reduces just hanging out and getting into negative behaviour like drugs and criminality. Trainings are every day from 16.00 to 19.00, with regular matches on Sundays. Based on performance and enthusiasm during the trainings the team formation for the matches is chosen. Amara Foundation has followed Urusi since 2008.

Thanks to football club S.E.S. in Langenboom (the Netherlands) the Urusi players received club outfits and football boots. The board members brought / bring as many materials as possible during their visits to Kisumu. In 2012 the Urusi board asked Amara Foundation if they would / could sponsor participation in the competition, to which Amara has reacted positively. Sport activities are important because they keep you fit, create self-confidence, teach you to deal with winning and losing and exploring your limits. Moreover, you get into contact with different people in a positive way, you learn about responsibility, how to deal with rules and authority. Last but not least: it is a great way to spend your leisure time, which is all the more important in surroundings where there is little positive challenge. Initially we supported Urusi with € 2000 a year. Participation in the competition means paying the football association, getting licences and insurance for the players, hiring a pitch during home games, buying chalk for the lines, paying the referee and linesmen. Transport to away games are expensive. We have also made sure that players and trainers of the first team get a hot meal after the match on Saturday or Sunday. We contribute € 6000 a year and have done so for three years now. Insurance during matches € 70, entry competition and licenses € 450. A home game costs € 140 on average (hiring a pitch, chalk, lunch € 1.50 pp, supervisors and security € 50, drinking water €8. Last year the players received €3 after winning a game, € 1.50 at a draw. This year the board has decided against rewards. Travelling costs in the second division are much higher and the board was afraid they could not keep within the budget.

The first team now plays in a region far away from Kisumu which is quite expensive. Two vans with drivers are hired, sometimes they have to stay the night. Before the competition starts the board draws up an estimate, after the competition they give account to us. There are also three junior teams in Kisumu. Under 12, under 14 and under 16. This competition does not entail great costs. Urusi has been trying to find sponsors for a few years now, so far unsuccessfully. We keep stimulating them. When we are in Kisumu we always go to matches that are played at that moment. We have great admiration for the efforts and dedication of the board, leaders and players: they really mean something for the youth in Manyatta. We will continue sponsoring them.    


Walking dinner Amara Foundation: good (and tasty) initiative

By Linda de Waart

Eating for Africa? Contradictory? Not at all! In order to raise money for underprivileged or handicapped children, youngsters and adults in Kisumu, Kenya, Amara Foundation organised a walking dinner in Langenboom. In the cosy atmosphere of four different living rooms the participants enjoyed the most wonderful courses. It was a success!

After the successful walking dinner in Mierlo it was Langenboom’s turn. For months Amara Foundation had been quite busy to make this a festive event. A number of people, friends of Amara and mad about cooking, were quite willing to cook for the participants. BBquality, KIJK koffie, ijs en kunst (coffee, ice cream and art), AH vdVen Mill, Delpeut paprika nursery, LauBakt and farm shop Verdaasdonk provided ingredients and drinks; for laying the tables, among which flower arrangements, Inge Delpeut set to work.

How it was.

The 48 available places were sold out in no time. Saturday evening September 9th: dinner time! With a group of six we met at the house of Wiljan de Klein and Carmen van Bergen, who had organised the walking dinner. We started out from there with an itinerary. The first address was easy to find: neighbour Henk Braam, who served a delicious amuse-bouche on the hand, eaten in one bite. Sensational taste. It was followed by a luke-warm salad with feta and marinated chicken, among other things. We enjoyed the unusual tastes and meanwhile got to know one another. All of them nice, open people interested in each other. It soon felt quite familiar.

For the next course we walked to a house a bit further where we were heartily welcomed by Jan and Ria Meulepas. Again a beautifully laid table with wonderful Spanish snacks, rolls and spreads. We started with tomato soup. More talking and getting to know each other, but a lot of fun as well. The wine that accompanied the various dishes tasted wonderful.  

For the next course we had to cycle. There were ‘Land van Cuijk’ rental bikes available: well-organised!  Destination: the Mo’ment, a sort of creative studio where Monique Nelson organises workshops cooking, painting, sculpture etc. Together with Laura from LauBakt she had prepared a wonderful tajine for us: a Moroccan stew with couscous, pita bread and a fresh salsa. Although our tummies got rather full we all finished out plates. It all tasted wonderful.

The last course.

After half an hour it was time to say goodbye; we got on our bikes to cycle to the last destination, which was quite welcome to digest the food. In the semi-farm of Malou Arts we were given the choice of three desserts: ice cream, two different Mon Chou desserts or apple muffin. The coffee or tea with a typically Dutch glass of eggnog finished it off nicely. When we had to make place for another group we returned to the house of Wiljan and Carmen where all groups came together for last drinks. It was a great success!

From the other participants, who had been to Lonneke &Mirella, Claudia & Coen, Mieke & Marco Verstegen (Bakplaats) and Gerdy Nooijen (The Glassroom) we heard how thoroughly  enjoyable the evening had been. The food looked super professional and all in all the organisers and the cooks have given us quite a treat!  After some chatting it was time to go home again. Thank you Amara Foundation for a fantastic evening. I hope the proceeds of the walking dinner will go to a fine project for the children in Kisumu. It was a great initiative, and it really made a difference. Carry on! If ever there will be another walking dinner I will definitely be there!        


Lisanne Hénuy-Rooijakkers

Carmen van Bergen

Evelien Hommes-Romonesco

Maria Vermeer

Martine Pool-Plantinga

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