Newsletter June 2022

Newsletter June 2022

News from Kisumu

 – Project Care: Reintegration

 – Project Therapy: ACTION NHIF 

– Project: Sport Urusi 


 – Three-day walking event  Langenboom

 – Farewell Jose van Vught 

– Trap-In Uden

 – World shop Vught


 – Presentation Protestant church Uden

 – Music in the Langenboom family

 News from the board

 – Klaartje Derks Foundation

 – Annual report

Project Care: Reintegration

On April 24, the new school year in Kenya started. Normally this is at the beginning of January. Due to the lockdown during the covid pandemic in 2020, the government has changed the school years and related holidays to make up for the “lost” teaching time. The Reintegration Project finances the education costs for 22 children who have returned to live with a single parent, uncle/ aunt or grandparent from St. Clare. These children are almost all educated at a boarding school and live with family during the holidays.

For Sister Lucy and her staff it was quite a puzzle to be able to pay all the costs again. We are not only talking about school fees but also about all additional costs. Sister Lucy asks us to transfer the costs of purchasing items well in advance of the start of the new school year. The sooner she can buy everything, the lower the prices are. As soon as she has received the money from Amara, she starts “window shopping” as she calls it: what’s cheapest and where….. Prices have increased enormously over the past year.

For children who start at a new school, the costs are extra high. In addition to school clothing and school materials, the entire outfit in terms of housing must also be purchased, as we reported in the previous newsletter. This year we had five children who left primary school and went to secondary school. So five times  a “big outfit”. In addition, we had a starter in primary education in group 3 who also needed all the above items.

In the first week of July the first trimester ends and hopefully we will soon receive the first results of the children. Especially for the sponsors who sponsor an individual child this will be interesting news.  On behalf of Sister Lucy, the family of the children and the children themselves, thank you very much to all who make this form of support possible!

Sport: Football club URUSI 

Fortunately, they can play football again at Urusi. At the beginning of April they were able to play a friendly match in Katito. At the end of April, all teams (boys under 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18) were allowed to play a tournament in Maisha and they won some cups there which they proudly showed to the chairman. Because we have not been to Kisumu for a long time, we cannot bring any products for the club. Urusi has purchased cones and balls. When we go again we hope to be able to take some materials with us again.

Urusi always trains on the pitch next to Kenya medical training college. We were very pleased to hear that Urusi participated in a tree planting day organised by that school. It is nice that they actively participate in the community with the children. Unfortunately, we did not receive any pictures of that.

Therapy: NHIF 

The families who are part of the Therapy Project are very happy with the NHIF CARD. On their behalf, THANK YOU. Last February we asked your attention for the NHIF health insurance on Facebook, then also in the newsletter.  It was heart-warming to see how many people gave an extra donation. We have been able to take out insurances for all children from the Project Therapy for another year.

It means free access to the local hospital, free therapy, check-ups and medication for malaria, 50% coverage for operations etc. This not only for the child in question but for THE WHOLE FAMILY! The coverage is not as extensive as what we are used to. But by Kenyan standards, it is a luxury to have such an insurance.

Therapy: TRIZA

 A special place in the therapy project. The loving care of your mother and family. Regular visit twice a week to therapy… your glance said it all… unfortunately we won’t see you there again… the memories remain. In May we received the unexpected news that Triza, one of our therapy children, had passed away. For us still unclear what and how… fortunately, we have now received the story from mother. A touching story how she had already been to the hospital a number of times because Triza had trouble breathing and was put on nebulization … the last time in the hospital while eating she died in mother’s arms.

Three-day walking event  Langenboom 

On 3 evenings 7-8-9 June especially, the youth walked a beautiful route through Langenboom. About 100 people walked  3 different beautiful tours through Langenboom these evenings for charity. The thank you notes from Kenya, specially designed and made for LaWaCo, were received with enthusiasm. We received the nice amount of € 575 !

Farewell Jose van Vught

 On June 9, the beautiful and heart-warming farewell of Jose van Vught took place. With this sad news we received the beautiful gesture that donations for Amara Foundation were asked. Thank you to everyone who loved Jose and who, just like family van Vught, has a warm heart for Amara. The €630,- will be spent well!

Trap-In Uden 

Whit Monday this bike tour in Uden could finally take place again. No less than 1800 people participated in this bike ride. It was a cool but pleasant day. Along the way there were delicious refreshments, such as pancakes, apples and drinks. The proceeds of this bike tour are divided over 15 projects. On Tuesday 28 June we were allowed to present our projects. The audience listened with full attention. That evening we received a beautiful amount of € 2300, -. Organization of Trap-In and participants in the bike ride, thank you very much for this more than welcome amount.

World Shop Vught

 On Wednesday 29 June, we, as the Amara Foundation, were allowed to present ourselves at the World Shop  in Vught, located in the Petrus Church, a beautiful building  which has been converted into a multifunctional building. We were allowed to present our foundation to all employees of the world shop followed by interested questions from the audience. The icing on the cake was the donation of €3000,- that we received. We would like to thank all employees of the World Shop for this wonderful contribution. And of course, we are grateful for the beautiful cooperation allowing us to deliver products that they sell in their shop.

Web shop 

Take a look at our web shop.


Protestant church Uden: 1 November We can give a presentation here and display our sales items. We are looking forward to it again.

Music in the Langenboom family: 27 November

 In 2019, Amara Foundation was a charity during the beautiful event Music in the Family. During the pandemic this could not take place. Now it is possible again and Amara Foundation can be the proud goal again.


Stichting Klaartje Derks for Kisumu is a small-scale charity from Beers, North Brabant, that strives to support projects in Kisumu and surroundings in Kenya, in particular for the benefit of (AIDS) orphans. We as Amara Foundation have known The Klaartje Derks Foundation for about 15 years. Our objectives and working methods are very similar and we always have good contact.

At the end of 2021 we were approached by the foundation and had a first official conversation with the question whether we could continue part of the work of The Klaartje Derks Foundation. The feeling between the two foundations is good, the takeover is feasible and we have therefore said a resounding “yes” to this question. During a festive meeting of The Klaartje Derks Foundation on Saturday 21 May, the board of this foundation, to all their volunteers of recent years, announced that they are going to stop their work in Kenya.

That Saturday, the baton was symbolically handed over. We were knighted as honorary members of Klaartje Derks (at least that’s how it felt) and got a beautiful Kenyan pin with the logo of Klaartje Derks pinned on it. We will continue the work with a warm heart for Kenya. The contact with the current board of Klaartje Derks Foundation will certainly remain and we will take over the contact with Jessica and Richard, the board members of The Klaartje Derks Foundation in Kenya.

ANNUAL REPORT We would like to thank Jan van Bragt and Meulenbroek accountants firm very much for all the work they have done to ensure that our annual report 2021 is in order and approved again. Our annual report can of course be viewed online on our website.



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