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Corona virus, state of affairs

Via mail. Whats-app and SMS messages we have regular contact with the projects in Kisumu where the lockdown still applies. For the time being all 24-hour care and all schools are closed until September 1. Freedom of movement inside and outside the city is minimal. The number of victims in Kisumu has been rising the past few weeks. The people involved in our projects have to deal with problems like lack of income from their own businesses, children at home so more mouths to feed, buying food is a problem due to lack of income. Paying the rent is also hard. In short, a difficult situation without prospects for improvement. For each project we will tell what the situation is and how we support the people involved. 

Amara Foundation has always tried to support a vulnerable group in Kenyan society. During this pandemic this is the group that suffers most from the measures. Support from Amara is all the more essential. 


The 24-hour care and all schools where ‘our’ multiple-handicapped children are looked after are all closed. Since mid-March the children have been at home with their mothers/parents. Unfortunately therapy is not possible.  This causes us, but also Samoo the therapist and the parents lots of worries. 

Because of the risk of contamination to and from the hospital therapy for these vulnerable children is not possible. 

Vicky is one of the children that can come to therapy three times a week. Vicky is deaf and attends a boarding school for deaf children. Normally she stays with an aunt in Nairobi (350km from Kisumu) for the greater part of the school holidays. Mother lives and works in Kisumu but is unable to look after Vicky during the holidays. Mid-March also Vicky’s boarding school was closed. A few days later there was complete lockdown so mother could not bring Vicky to her aunt. Because her business came to a halt she could look after Vicky herself. There were problems with walking: Vicky walked as if one leg was longer than the other. From mid-March on Vicky and mother go to therapy three times a week. Mother lives not far from the hospital so getting there is not a big problem. According to Samoo the therapy helps and she walks better now. 

Sport: football club Urusi

Since March football is no longer allowed. Training and competition have been cancelled. It is hard to imagine how the children in the Manyatta quarter can enjoy themselves now: no school, no activities. Normally a large group goes to the football pitch daily where they can enjoy themselves until the trainers arrive. The football pitch is on the premises of a school: now that the school is closed they cannot get to the pitch.  The Amara Football Hall where adults and children can watch (especially English) matches is also closed. The hall generates money for Urusi so they miss this form of income. 

Help to individuals

All trade that had started by means of micro credits has stopped since mid-March. When this crisis is over we will discuss with all those involved how to start their business again. Our target group is mainly a small trade by the roadside or at a market in a village. Due to travelling limitations purchasing and selling is no longer possible. Even ‘bigger’ projects like George’s welding business or Francis’ canteen have completely stopped. 

Care: St. Clare Children’s Home

All children that normally stay at St. Clare are now with their families. Often poor families, mostly living in the country. Corona makes a visit very difficult. The re-integration project supports 21 children; they have been placed with families. We support them by paying for school and stay. Normally these children live with family ( uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother) during the four-month school holiday but now they have been there since mid-March. After consultation with sister Lucy we have decided to provide these families with food packages for three months or an extra contribution. Sister Lucy keeps in touch with all these families.  


Trap-in Uden

On Whit Monday the annual Trap-in would have taken place. Amara had been chosen as charity. Unfortunately the event was cancelled.  The Trap-in has organised an alternative activity to raise money and invites everyone to help and contribute ( alternatieve inzamelactie)

Food for Kisumu

Distribution of food packages to our Amara family members is in full swing. Some families have  received a contribution three times. On June 27 packages have been distributed at Urusi. At the end of July 62 families will get their third food package. The great news is: Wilde Ganzen has approved this request, which means they will pay 50% of the costs. 

Face masks for sale

Extra incentive  for our action Food for Kisumu: we have cotton face masks for sale. The price is € 9.50. if you buy more the price will be € 9.00 each. With this income we hope to be able to continue sending food packages to as many people as possible. We try to deliver the face masks personally as much as possible to prevent forwarding costs. We have one model but various designs. In the picture you see 12 designs, each with a number. You can order by sending us a number and how many face masks you would like. We will contact you as soon as possible about payment and delivery.   


Do you have a 1,5 meter idea to raise money for Amara Foundation? Let us know! Because many activities with which we raise money have been cancelled we are looking for other sources to generate money. 

News from the board

Visit to the projects

Unfortunately it appears to be impossible to go to Kenya for a while. However, we have regular contact with Kenya. Digitally we are informed how things are going and we get sent pictures on a regular basis. Apart from that we hear from several people acquainted with our projects how Covid-19 is developing in Kenya, Kisumu. Of course we hope to travel to Kenya at the end of the year to see for ourselves. 

Proud and grateful

We are proud to tell that we have lots of contributors who feel sympathetic to our Kisumu family. Thanks to these contributors we have been able to distribute around 225 food packages. 

We are very grateful! Apart from contributions we also received wonderful messages from them. Also heart-warming reactions from Kenya! 

Of course the corona crisis is not over yet and we hope to be able to keep supporting the people in Kisumu.  A contribution is more than welcome.  

Lisanne Henuy-Rooijakkers – Evelien Hommes-Romonesco – Carmen van Bergen –  Maria Vermeer – Martine Plantinga

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