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St. Clare Children’s Home

We have regular mail contact with sister Lucy who runs St. Clare. Recently she mailed us that food prices have doubled in Kenya, due to a lack of mealies which is a staple food in Kenya. It is processed into a sort of porridge which is very nourishing. Instead of mealies rice is now eaten mostly. Fortunately sister Lucy still has vegetables and fruit from her own garden.

Another aspect she wanted to discuss with the board is re-integration: the ambition to find a place for children with relatives, single parent or family member. Two children from a family live at St. Clare, two younger children have lived with their grandmother in the country since they were born. For a long time the mother was not able to look after her children. Now her situation has improved and sister Lucy would like to build a simple house on the land which is owned by the family. All children could live with their mother again with grandma, uncles and aunts around to support her. In this way the family could be re-united again. A second point of attention is that the mother must haven an income, a loan or a donation to start a small business. We have agreed with sister Lucy to work out these plans in October in the hope that by then we will have the means to realise it partly or completely.

Last week we also received some pictures of the staff that work together with Lucy. The toys we brought last year are still being used with great enthusiasm!  


Football club Urusi

After each match we get a whatsapp with the result. So far the first team of Urusi has won five matches and lost five, so they can keep up in the higher division (Division 2 League). The youth teams are eager to train; the competition starts shortly.  By way of relations we could bring 9 kilos of football boots and clothing to Kisumu! Thank you Thijs of the friends of Pandipieri Foundation.  


Therapy project

Operation Henri

Henri, one of the children who has participated in the therapy project for years was operated upon twice in the past months: both feet had to be corrected. After the first operation and good recovery the second operation was done. A few years ago we could help Henri’s mother with a microcredit. Once she started earning an income by selling vegetables we advised to take out a health insurance for her and her family. This is paying off now. The insurance has paid half the costs of the operation (€ 660); Amara has paid the other half, the crutches and travelling costs to the hospital. Henri recovers well, has therapy and can hopefully soon go to school without plaster.


Goodbye Daril

For years Daril has worked at the therapy centre through the work experience placement. Last month he was offered a regular job. The children, the mothers, the colleagues and the children at Awasi who he treated weekly will miss him, and so will we. He has gained a lot of experience here and worked as a qualified therapist. Daril thanks Amara Foundation for the years of support. We wish him good luck and enthusiasm in his new job and are grateful for all he has done. Samoo, the occupational therapist in the hospital, is busy selecting a new staff member to gain experience. We soon hope to find someone to replace Daril. The therapy department but also the children in Awasi will miss the ‘extra hands’ for the children.


Celebration: 10th anniversary

5 years ago we celebrated our first anniversary with the “friends of Amara”. Now we want to do the same for our 10th anniversary, so we invite you for a festive afternoon. Over a drink and possibly a game of jeu-de-boules we will look back to all our projects and have a toast on our future!

Put date, place and time in your agenda: Amara Anniversary, Sunday November 19, 13.30 – 17.00, Uden, location ‘De Plop’. We hope to meet you there and then! You will hear more by that time.    


Past activities

  • The bottle boxes at the EMTE in Uden and St. Michielsgestel have resulted in more than € 400! Thank you staff and customers of EMTE!
  • Whit Monday. A tradition in Uden: the cycle tour in Uden and surroundings (Trap-in). Amara Foundation was one of the chosen charities. It was quite enjoyable with many participants. Board member Maria was present as a volunteer to help cross safely. We received a wonderful amount which will be spent on educational costs for handicapped children in our therapy project.
  • On Whit Sunday Carmen and family were at ‘Langenboom pakt uut’. Mrs Ria Klein sold her home-made cards, boxes and other bric-a-brac and Carmen sold our ‘Kenyan materials’.
  • In May Maria was present at a jumble sale in Uden. Thank you to everyone who donated things to sell!
  • Host parent agency ‘Thuis van Huis’ makes beautiful paintings with the children who are taken care of there. The paintings are for sale and the proceeds are for Amara. A beautiful initiative from Irene van Veldhoven-Romanesco of the agency, but also a ‘thank you’ to the artists and buyers.
  • Evelien was present at the communion celebration in Someren Heide. The six communicants had done a sponsored run and during the service the money was handed over to Evelien in small treasure chests. Children for children……….how sweet!
  • The Third World shops in Berlicum and St. Michielsgestel have all these years remained loyal buyers of our wonderful cards. Thank you for that!
  • In Mierlo Evelien organised a walking dinner to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Amara Foundation. It was a great success: in various kitchens excellent cooks were at work, in various living rooms the food was enjoyed. It was great to hear positive reactions. Even better was the positive result for Amara!
  • Carmen was invited to her old secondary school in Gennep: Elzendaal College. They organise a sponsored run every year and this year Amara received the proceeds for the projects in Kenya. A great moment for Carmen!  

Agenda for the coming period

  • After the walking dinner in Mierlo Carmen is going to organise a walking dinner in Langenboom on Saturday evening September 9. In a cosy ambience you can expect a 4-course dinner of tapas dishes including glass of wine. You will enjoy each course in a different living room restaurant. Carmen has already organised special locations where food will be prepared by excellent cooks. You can still register, see or mail directly to Carmen:
  • Four-day walking event Nijmegen July 18-19-20-21. Chairman Lisanne will join the event  together with friends of Amara (Paula van Lieshout, Albert Vissers en Piet van der Bruggen), not only from a sports point of view but also to raise money for Amara. Click on a name and you will be directed to the sponsor page.
  • You can also directly transfer a sponsor amount to the Amara account. Do not forget to mention “vierdaagse” and the name of the person you want to sponsor. NL52RABO 0148319394


A look at Amara’s wallet

Our latest newsletter contained a survey of all expenses related to St Clare Children’s Home. In this newsletter we will inform you about the ‘pricetag’ of the therapy project.

At this moment 16 children participate in the project. From the start of Amara Foundation we have worked together with the local hospital, occupational therapist Samoo and his team. Samoo selects the children who deserve being admitted to the project because the parents do not have the means to come to the hospital and/or because the travelling costs are too high. He then asks and if we can pay the expenses for the therapy and if necessary appliances for these children. It is great to see how the mothers of these 16 children support each other. The porch which serves as a waiting room is a nice meeting point to exchange experiences, to practice with your child etc.

What are the costs?      

  1. Treatments: a thirty-minute treatment is €1 for children over 7 years. Younger than 7 costs € 0.70. In 2016 we paid a total of € 577 for treatments.
  2. Travelling costs to therapy. A mother who lives 30 to 40 km. outside the city pays around € 4 to €5 to the hospital and back home. When a child needs therapy twice a week the costs are between € 40 and € 50 a month. However, in areas outside the city there are hardly or no possibilities for therapy. Travelling costs to come to therapy amounted to € 1764 in 2016.
  3. Medication. Some children need daily medication which is not reimbursed by the health insurance. In a number of cases Amara pays for medication and extra visits by a doctor. In total in 2016: € 794.
  4. Food. In some cases parents have little money to buy special food for children with a chronic disease. We do a weekly contribution. In 2016: € 145.
  5. School fees handicapped children. We are very proud to say that 11 children participating in our project can now attend school. These schools are more expensive than the regular schools for healthy children. Amara Foundation pays the fees for each child. Six of them live in a boarding school. For the parents, especially the mothers, this is an enormous relief. Five of these children have a multiple handicap requiring 24 hours of care by the mother, apart from looking after the other children. After placing the children at a boarding school the mothers immediately start looking for work or start a small business (with an Amara loan) in order to generate money. School fees and travelling costs in 2016: € 2853.
  6. Various appliances. If necessary all children receive a sitting-standing box for at home. In 2016 we bought wheelchairs for children that went to boarding school. Apart from that some children needed orthopaedic shoes, a corset etc. Total costs in 2016: € 1425. 
  7. Nappies. Some multiple handicapped children need nappies, which are too expensive for some parents. Where needed Amara pays the expenses. Total costs in 2016: € 240. 
  8. In 2016 we have given extra support to the boarding school where the 5 multiple handicapped children live. Total costs: € 304. 
  9. Since a few years we have had so-called work experience placements in the therapy project. Work is hard to find for a graduated therapist. Amara Foundation pays a monthly fee for such therapists: they gain experience and have more chance to find a regular job. At the same time there are more hands available for the children. In 2016 we had two placements at the project. Total costs: € 2179.

The costs relating to therapy of the child, transport to therapy, extra food and medication are paid directly to the parents. Therapist Samoo informs us if the children come to therapy and the parents keep the bills so we can check.

School fees are generally directly paid to the school. Appliances are purchased via Samoo. We get bills from the suppliers. The two therapists in the work experience placement are paid monthly by Amara. Total therapy costs in 2016: € 10,560.  

This is a substantial amount for Amara, but if we consider what it means for these 16 children and their families it is really a small amount. Children who we thought would never walk are walking now. Children who we thought would never speak can now make clear what they want or do not want. Children who the parents thought would always lie or sit in a corner now go to school. They are activated, are taken care of and are happy.


DEAR SPONSORS, all this thanks to you! THANK YOU, on behalf of the board but also on behalf of the parents of these children. They see us in Kisumu but they know that all this is made possible by the sponsors!


Lisanne Hénuy-Rooijakkers

Carmen van Bergen

Evelien Hommes-Romanesco

Maria Vermeer

Martine Pool-Plantinga


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